ver2.0.142 (2017/04/09)

FIX: Problem of the compatibility. (Windows10 ver1703 build15063)

ver2.0.141 (2016/12/07)

FIX: Problem that can not set hotkey, when using RawInput.

ver2.0.140 (2016/10/30)

FIX: Bug of GPU scaling of multi-threading is enabled DX11.
FIX: Performance degradation problem.

ver2.0.139 (2016/10/13)

FIX: Handling of DXGI_FORMAT_R8G8B8A8_UNORM_SRGB format.
FIX: Processing of the device reset.

ver2.0.138 (2016/10/13)

FIX: Handling of the format of DirectX12.
FIX: Capture processing of DirectX9.

ver2.0.137 (2016/10/11)

ADD: Supported DirectX12 multi-GPU.
ADD: RawInput Hook.
MOD: Codes of hook processing.
MOD: UWP process detection was improved.
MOD: Performance of DirectX9 improved.
MOD: All of the capture process code.
FIX: Deadlock of the high-speed screenshot.

ver2.0.136 (2016/09/06)

MOD: ID3D12CommandQueue acquisition codes.
ADD: Supported Vulkan.
ADD: Supported wildcard string of ignore setting.
FIX: Problems Dxtory Video to crash.
FIX: Problems DirectX12 capture is stopped.
FIX: Handling of a broken license file.

ver2.0.135 (2016/08/04)

FIX: Problem of the compatibility of DirectX12. (Windows10 ver1607 build14393)

ver2.0.134 (2016/04/08)

FIX: Problem of the compatibility of DirectX12.
MOD: The design of the overlays.

ver2.0.133 (2015/09/08)

FIX: The problem of crashing in a case with NVAPI in non-thread safe device.
ADD: Supported UWP App.

ver2.0.132 (2015/08/10)

FIX: When capturing on DirectX 8/9/10/11, various problems.
FIX: Problem of 64bit video codec enumeration.
FIX: Problem of Dxtory Video Codec.

ver2.0.131 (2015/07/29)

ADD: Supported DirectX12.
ADD: Disable Mouse Hook option.
FIX: Problem of 64bit video codec enumeration.
FIX: Problem of the compatibility of OpenGL.
FIX: The bug of the overlays of DirectX9.
FIX: Various problems of DirectX8.

ver2.0.130 (2015/06/15)

FIX: The bug of the instruction set mis-detection.
FIX: The bug in which a DxtoryVideoCodec crashes.
ADD: Option "Multi GPU Stable Processing".
ADD: Option "Thread Priority".
ADD: Supported 64bit codecs.

ver2.0.129 (2015/05/09)

FIX: The problem of compatibility.
FIX: When a new profile is created, the operation to copy the default settings.
FIX: In the case of DXGI_FORMAT_R10G10B10A2_UNORM format, the bug which can't be processed in PNG/JPG.
MOD: All capture codes.
MOD: All rendering codes.
MOD: Advanced Setting.

ver2.0.128 (2014/08/13)

FIX: Hook problems.
ADD: NoPreview mode is added to RawCapConv.

ver2.0.127 (2014/06/09)

ADD: Supported AVX2 instructions.
MOD: A hook position is changed.
FIX: The problem of compatibility.
FIX: The bug by which scaling is not correctly carried out when clipping is used.

ver2.0.126 (2014/01/31)

MOD: The acquisition method of a mouse cursor image.
FIX: The bug which cannot be recorded in the Vista environment.
FIX: The problem of specific language environment.

ver2.0.125 (2013/12/15)

MOD: Incompatible DXGI software layer is supported.
FIX: The bug by which the unnecessary bit flag was set to the index chunk of the audio data in AVI file.
MOD: Audio Stream Splitter of operation is improved.

ver2.0.124 (2013/12/11)

MOD: The capture performance of DirectX8/9/10/11 were improved.
MOD: Operation of the multi-GPU environment was improved.

ver2.0.123 (2013/06/14)

ADD: Option "Include Overlay".
MOD: The assembler codes are compacted.

ver2.0.122 (2013/03/24)

FIX: The bug of IDirectDrawSurface2.
FIX: In the case of "Force CPU Processing" of DirectX10/11, the bug that non-indication of the mouse cursor is not handled normally.
MOD: The code of an audio capture is changed.
MOD: Supported special Present of DirectX9Ex.

ver2.0.121 (2013/02/24)

ADD: Supported AVX instructions.
MOD: Processing performance improvement.
ADD: Termination processing is performed at the time of logoff/shutdown.
FIX: The bug in which a 64-bit client crashes.
FIX: The bug which does not operate normally when the 64-bit code is replaced.
FIX: The problem of a NVIDIA video driver.
FIX: The bug not to be able to take screenshot of PNG/JPEG in the case of Force CPU Processing in DirectX10/11.
ADD: Disable Delay Processing option.

ver2.0.120 (2012/10/06)

MOD: The compatibility of DirectX7/8/9 improved.
ADD: DirectDraw supported.

ver2.0.119 (2012/09/16)

ADD: Supported Windows8.
ADD: Supported DirectX11.1.
MOD: Improvement in compatibility of OpenGL.

ver2.0.118 (2012/07/25)

FIX: The bug in which a process crashes by executing the instruction code which cannot be used.
MOD: The code of DirectX9.

ver2.0.117 (2012/06/13)

FIX: The bug which cannot acquire the correct image data when performing scaling by OpenGL.
ADD: "Use Shared Java Profile" option

ver2.0.116 (2012/06/04)

FIX: The problem of DirectX10/11.
FIX: The bug of a hotkey.

ver2.0.115 (2012/06/02)

MOD: Codes of overlay.
MOD: Codes of hook.
FIX: The OpenGL problem of the Intel GMA environment.
MOD: Multiple execution of the hotkey.
ADD: Supported a single SHIFT CTRL ALT hotkey.
ADD: Supported a mouse button as hotkey.
ADD: Delay hook.
ADD: The function which does not load the video codec in which a process crashes.

ver2.0.114 (2012/04/29)

FIX: The problem that loading module is slow.
FIX: Ignore-setting of Java.
FIX: The tooltip of a Tasktray.

ver2.0.113 (2012/04/25)

FIX: The bug as which the icon of an audio device is not displayed.
ADD: The re-registration function of a tasktray icon.
ADD: Handling a process of Java in detail.
ADD: The function of changing a profile icon.
MOD: Initial value setting of a profile name.

ver2.0.112 (2012/03/27)

ADD: Push to Talk.(Recording ON by hotkey)
ADD: The function which carries out position correction when a window is outside a desktop area.
MOD: UI design.
FIX: "Force CPU processing" is used, when a mouse cursor is not included,
the bug which will crash if the capture of DX10/DX11 is performed.

ver2.0.111 (2012/02/09)

FIX: The problem of OpenGL on specific conditions.
ADD: The overwrite detection function of a hook.
ADD: DirectX9Ex support.

ver2.0.110 (2011/12/24)

FIX: The problem that the speed of the storage decreases in specific environment.
ADD: Verify is added to environment information.

ver2.0.109 (2011/08/16)

MOD: The detection method of the WPF rendering.

ver2.0.108 (2011/07/23)

MOD: Improvement of DirectX7

ver2.0.107 (2011/06/28)

FIX: The bug of keyboard hook.

ver2.0.106 (2011/06/25)

MOD: The detection method of DirectX8 and DirectX9.

ver2.0.105 (2011/06/19)

MOD: The return value of Release is adjusted to 0, it is hard to generate an terminating error.
MOD: The detection method of the WPF rendering.
FIX: Problem that error occurs when OpenGL program is terminated.
FIX: Improvement of hook code of x64.

ver2.0.104 (2011/06/11)

FIX: The bug that cannot handle mixing and an effect of 24bit PCM definitely in AVIMux.
FIX: The problem that the initialization of the AVI file is slow in AVIMux.
FIX: The problem that hotkey operates in specific case.
MOD: The improvement of the initialization check codes of Dxtory.exe.

ver2.0.103 (2011/05/25)

FIX: The problem that a target process cannot be terminated.
MOD: Decoder of Dxtory

ver2.0.102 (2011/05/20)

FIX: Problem that module name cannot be acquired in case of Protect.
FIX: Bug that OpenGL capture stops.
FIX: Bug of freezing when screenshot is taken.
MOD: Codes of communication between processes.
MOD: The performance improvement of OpenGL.

ver2.0.101 (2011/02/12)

FIX: Problem that capture of mouse cursor is not correctly done in specific condition.
FIX: Bug that fails in ScreenShot when scaling by BMP/TGA format.

ver2.0.100 (2011/02/07)

FIX: Bug that exception is generated when Dxtory is terminated before process of target is terminate.

ver2.0.99 (2011/02/06)

FIX: Bug in which data of profile is not reflected on special condition.
ADD: The option of a TaskTray and a TaskBar of operation.

ver2.0.98 (2011/02/05)

MOD: Code of overlay-renderer.
FIX: Deadlock.
FIX: The problem on which the display of a clipping frame blurs when Anti-ailias is enabled.
FIX: The bug which resource leak generates when a capture cannot be started.

ver2.0.97 (2010/12/25)

FIX: Problem that buffer writing is displayed in DxtoryVideo.
FIX: Bug to which setting of clipping is not restored.
FIX: Bug that memory leak is generated when scaling is used by screenshot.
MOD: DxtoryVideoSettin is made by WPF.

ver2.0.96 (2010/12/02)

FIX: Bug to which process of Dxtory crashes when it starts opening illegal folder.
MOD: The memory module for the hook is separated.

ver2.0.95 (2010/10/29)

FIX: Bug to which setting of format of audio codec is not restored.
MOD: Code of minimization starting.

ver2.0.94 (2010/10/22)

MOD: Changes to NET Framework 4.0.
MOD: The size of maximum AVI file is set to 2TB.
FIX: Bug that doesn't correctly processed when AVIMux uses non PCM codec.
FIX: Bug to which a key-frame flag is not correctly set by AVIMux.
FIX: Bug to which data may be lost when an audio codec is used.
FIX: The problem on which drawing of WPF program breaks.
FIX: Bug which GDI resource leak will generate if the capture containing a mouse cursor is performed.
ADD: The output file can be specified with AVIFix.
ADD: 8 audio streams or less are able to be recorded.
ADD: It is possible to scaling or clipping by the screenshot.
ADD: Color specification of a screen overlay.